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Enviro Games
  • Ollies World Help Ollie save the planet with energy games, puzzles and exciting movies.
  • Ollie Recycles Sort a load of waste and rubbish – and make some worms happy!
  • Smart Housing Create your own smart house chatterbox. Different activities about sustainable housing for students of all ages.
  • Fish Memory Do you remember which fish are Australian natives?
  • Energyville A SIMS-like environment game, that teaches kids of all ages to be more environmentally aware.
  • Energy Saving Kids This is your city. How will you power it and deal with major impacts on your energy future? Suitable for broad age range.
Enviro Action

Featured Case Study

This is where you can showcase your school’s sustainability projects! Download and complete the submission form below and send to info@carbonetix.com.au along with any photos, videos of your project in action and we’ll feature you here and in the Greener Planet newsletter!

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Student Action

Global Warning Movie: A powerful short video created by Year 10 students from Christian Brothers' School on the Glen Road in West Belfast. Also includes a jukebox.

"We have produced this site because we feel the need to highlight the global energy crisis that our generation are being faced with. We would like to provide you with some information on non-renewable and renewable energy resources and examine some of the advantages and disadvantages related to each."

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) has a vision of an Australia powered by clean energies, of sustainable and healthy communities, and of a generation of young people empowered to solve climate change together. The AYCC work across Australia in the pursuit of this goal, and their movement grows faster every day

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